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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Flow

It doesn't make any difference if you are lying in bed, in a wheel chair, or standing, you can move energy through your body and begin healing whatever is ailing you.  If you can breathe and focus your mind you can do it.

By using your mind to direct your breath you can move shakti ( energy) into and through any part of your body.  Where the mind goes, the breath will follow and where the breath goes, shakti will follow. Directing the flow of energy by using the breath is called pranayama.  Check this out for correct pronunciation -  ( http://www.pronouncehow.com/english/pranayama_pronunciation).  Pranayama literally means controlling the life force;  Prana - "life force," yama - "to control."

For example, while either lying down, sitting or standing, breathe in and visualize pulling energy (shakti) from earth into your feet, up your legs, into your belly and into your chest.  And as you breathe out visualize shakti (energy) flowing up your torso, into your neck and out the top of your head. You have just experienced the movement of shakti through your body using your mind and breath.  This is an ability we all have but few know about it and many fail to utilize it.

Pranayama flows new energy into your body while flushing out the old, stale energy. Your body, your breath and your thoughts are energy.  You are a package of energy, standing on a large ball of energy (earth), surrounded by energy (atmosphere).  How you utilize all of this energy is up to you.  You can either be stagnant energy or you can be flowing energy. 

More on pranayama in the next post.

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