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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Moving with Flow

The practice of moving with flow is energizing, liberating, therapeutic and even a spiritual experience.  It is one thing to breathe with the rhythm of the body, as in walking; running and biking, but another to guide the shakti (energy) with the mind and the breath.

Practices such as feng shui, tai chi, yoga, and acupuncture use the art and science of moving energy (shakti - Hindu; chi - Chinese) through the body for different reasons. These practices are becoming more and more popular in the Western World because of their effectiveness.

To experience the flow of energy simple inhale during concentric movements and exhale during eccentric movements while directing the flow with your mind.  For example, pull one arm into your chest (concentric) as you inhale and extend your arm above your head (eccentric)  as you exhale.  Do this movement a few times visualizing pulling energy into your chest while breathing in with the concentric movement and moving energy up your arm as you breathe out. 

You can retain energy in your body and circulate it from one part of your body to another or you can move energy through your body.  Some people like to retain energy in their body while others prefer moving energy through it.  Both practices have their benefits.  Try both and discover your own preference.

On the next post you will learn how to move shakti through your body. 

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