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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Moving Shakti Through Your Body

"Many people use the word Zen, but very few understand what it really means.  Zen sees the whole universe as one's own true self.  It says that heaven, earth, and man grew from the same root and everything in this world is interrelated." Nyogen Senzaki

Seems like a plausible notion, that we are all made of the same stuff: space and cosmic particles.  Suns, planets, organs, tissues, earth, air, fire, water, and even thoughts - all made of the same stuff? What an ingenious idea.

The following exercise will allow you to feel your connection to everything in the universe by letting all of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions ride on waves of inspiration and expiration:

Stand with your feet flat on the earth.  Raise your arms above your head and stretch.  Take a slow, deep breath in and visualize pulling energy from the earth up your legs and into your belly.  As you breathe out visualize energy flowing with your breath up your arms and out your finger tips.  Continue this breathing/visualizing exercise for five or six breaths.  Focus on energy moving in one direction.

When you are through with the exercise you may notice how your body feels much lighter and your mind expanded.  You may feel parts of your body tingling with new, fresh energy.  

This exercise opens the body and mind more each time you practice it.  This is an experience of opening the body like a big hollow tube with earth's energy passing through like wind through a tunnel.  It is a very liberating experience, one that allows energy and all of the particles in your body to unite with energy and particles of the universe.

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