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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CAUTION - You are about to enter the self-discovery zone.

If you have dissatisfaction and a sense on insufficiency that you don't understand, you may be experiencing the consequences of your ego. It is as though the ego is in automatic mode, coming and going on its own, appearing when you least expect it. Most of the time you believe it is the real you; judging, demanding, unsatisfied and often thinking there must be more to life.

For the most part it is difficult to understnd the nature of the dissatisfaction or the nature of the judging. These reactions to life reflect the needs of the ego. As long as you are dissatisfied and judgmental the ego is alive and well. As long as you do not see the disparity between your true self and the ego everything will seem normal. All you will see is the result - resentment, anger, frustration; making up the illusion of what you call your life. Since this is your life you are fervently attached to it. When you are caught up in the business of yourself how can you ever know that there is freedom from the frustration of dissatisfaction and the illusion which you consider your real life?

In order to break the bonds of the ego you must understand how your mind works. In order to know your true nature you have to go beyond thoughts. You have to see how your thoughts condition you with every passing moment and not be fooled by them. It takes honesty with yourself. It takes uncompromising honesty, allowing yourself to listen carefully to your mind so you can transcend from the illusion of ego to your true nature which is a higher consciousness.

To be continued.


atul said...

hey how long have you been like this? if these are your real thoughts,then you must be a seer or sage.amazing the third living sage i have known.do you read the bhagavat gita frequently?

Neil said...

Thanks atul for your nice comment. I am not a sage, just a guy who is interested in spreading the word about pure awareaness.