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Thursday, August 18, 2011

What is Presence?

Presence is the realization that you are neither the self nor the ego but a much higher being. You are a being which is the awareness. You are aware of the body both inside and out - its energy, its vibrancy, the prana, the life-force but you are not the body; you are not the mind. You are the witness of both the body and the thoughts.

Feeling presence is not imagination or an illusion, it is as real as sunlight. It is formless yet fills every cell of your body. Feeling presence is the portal that allows you to break through the ego barrier. By feeling presence you become the witness of your body, thoughts and the energy within. You, the presence of being, are the connection between awareness and the awareness of a higher consciousness.

Although presence seems inanimate and tenuous, there is no denying that it is inherent in all that exists. The vibrating force prevades throughout space and every galaxy as well as your mind and every cell of the body. Feel the energy that is within you. Focus on nothing but the feeling. Relax into the feeling and allow it to be non-conceptual. Don't judge. See if you can become one with everything that is within you and everyting that is outside of you.

If you can do this, you have stepped into being the witness - the essence of being. When you feel the power of presence you know that you are much more than just a body and a mind. It is the truth contained within being.

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