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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Staying in Pure Awareaness

It is possible to be in pure awareness most of the time. Once pure awareness is experienced it is like a phenomenon in that cosmic consciousness will open like a veil being lifted off your head. It's as though everything is being realized for the first time in your life. Things that you haven't seen before will become visible and things you haven't been able to do before will become possible.

The ultimate test for pure awreness is the ability to remain calm under adverse conditions. When someone or something "presses your buttons" that would normally make you angry, anxious, afraid, frustrated or worried and it doesn't bother you - you have passed the test. It is because you realize that you are not the body or the mind - you are one with everything - one with the Divine.

When you are in pure awareness you have transcended the ego and the ego is not in control. This is how life is when you are in pure awareness; the ego no longer has a grip on you. You become free from things like self-conscousness, negative emotions and all the other afflictions the illusory ego can heap upon you to keep you from what you truly are - a Being of ultimate freedom.

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