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Monday, August 29, 2011

In the new space of realization you are not the body, the mind or the ego. You may have the feeling of tension letting go. If you don't fight it and not try to control it, a new freedom will take place. Let it go and you will find there is no longer any restriction. You are free. The old self is gone a new self has taken its place.

The new self still sees thoughts come and go but the thoughts are not important, there is no attachment to them. What is important is the space. One thought comes and another takes its place within consciousness but you are beyond their coming and going. You recognize that the old self is simply an illusion and has always been an illusion. As your thoughts rise and fall, you enter another realm. You no longer have to pretend to be something you are not.

You now understand no work is required. The new self exists because there is no tension and no trying to make things happen. When the ego tries to prove itself and affirm its existence, tension is felt. In that very moment power moves in and the tension disappears. You exist in the power; floating without resistance or tension. The power of unity flows everywhere.

In the space of no thoughts there is sensitivity to freely moving energy inside and out. The energy is constantly moving and never stops. The sensation of the energy grows stronger and stronger the longer you stay in the space. By allowing yourself to sink deeper into the void, sensitivity to the power grows stronger. You become the power - energy - divine force. Thoughts come and go but they are of no cosequence.

You remain in the space even with thoughts, actions and movements of your body. You can go about your daily activities, interact with other people, work and play and still be the power. The ego tries to pull you back into the old, dissatisfied self but by staying calm and in the moment you remain the power. You remain constantly the energy. When you feel the slightest tension of dissatisfaction you immediately recognize it for what it is - ego.

If you withdraw from calmness and internal silence the ego is reinforced bringing about more division. Maintain your calmness and internal silence by costantly being with the energy that permeates through you and throughout the universe.

It is very difficult for the old self to relinquish its knowing, believing and proving how important and superior it is. It is not in its best interest to give up ideas, desires, opinions and judgments. Without the feeling of superiority, dominance and control the ego is useless and will do everything in its power to bring you back to the old self. You, however, remain calm and at peace in the power.

The space between thoughts is the "void" - void of ego. In this space there is an energy that goes above and beyond tension, frustration and the illusion of the old self and its sidekick the ego. By staying in the space of total awareness with the reality of your new self and its profound calmness you are in unity with everything.

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