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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Energy of Presence

The energy of Presence comes into the body and fills it. The energy that fills the body is the life force itself. It is more important than the body. The body is simply an organic mass which is nothing without the life force. This is energy that has its own power, its own movement and is necessary for the body to function. Without this energy the body is nothing, it is lifeless.

The energy that fills the body comes not from thinking, imagination, emotions or desire but from the cosmos; from light and from the air. It is constantly moving and can be felt when consciously aware of the body and the breath. The sense is one of deep quality flowing freely through the body. It is independent of the body but yet is necessary for life to exist in the body. Without this free flowing, vibrational force there would be no essence of being. There would be no ability to feel it. It is life force sensing itself.

The essence of the energy and the material of the body are one unit connected to all units of life. It becomes clear that the energy is not in the body but rather the body is in the energy. All bodies are undoubtedly in the energy like fish in an ocean.

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