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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Staying in Pure Awareness

Once you know what it's like to be in pure awareaness, you may feel it's the place you want to stay forever. To stay in pure awareness longer takes practice. The good thing is, the more you experience pure awareness the easier it becomes to maintain the state of oneness.

In order to experience pure awareness for longer periods of time it is helpful to check what state of consciousness your mind is in throughout the day. By using some type of stimulus to remind you to reflect back to your mind's experience you can begin to see a positibve pattern emerge.

The stimulus can be practically anything that will being you back into the moment such as a sound, a smell, a vibration, a touch, etc. The stimulus brings you back to the moment so you can reflect on what experience (waking sleep, absorption, attention, awareness, pure awareness) you were having immediately before the stimulus occured.

When you are in pure awareness, you will know it. In contrast, when you are out of pure awareness you won't know it. This might sound strange but look at it this way: when you are actively involved in doing something like threading a needle you are usually so absorbed in the process of getting the thread through the eye that everything else is secondary.

What if a bell were to chime as a wake-up call so you could check what state of consciousness you were in right before it chimed? Notice, were, as in past tense, not are. The moment the bell chimes you are immediately brought back into pure awareness; but the question is, were you in pure awareness before the bell chimed? Think about it. If you think back to your experience right before the bell chimed you will know if you were in pure awareaness or one of the other four experiences.

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