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Monday, August 15, 2011

There is no way the thinking mind can perceive reality. It's difficult to go beyond the thinking mind because of the ego. The ego and the self are intertwined and when the mind expands into the cosmos with a flow of energy, the ego drags it back to the self like a bungee chord.

To go beyond thoughts one must go into the void between thoughts. The void is the space of reality because there are no thoughts. Within the space there is silence - a silence free of thinking. It is necessary to go into this silence if you are to experience reality in its truest sense.

The thinking mind always has a question and always wants an answer. In order to go beyond the conditioned mind you must develop another way of perceiving - a higher sense. The new perception comes from the complete understanding that you know nothing. The mind must be empty of all preconceived ideas, prejudices and desires. The new mind is formed in the void and opens to new perceptions and responses. Brand new pathways are formed in the brain leaving behind material imbeded in the old memory. Being free from the past, the mind is allowed to see beyond the confines of the improsoned self that cannot go beyond the ego.

By existing in the void and free from thinking, a new reality appears. Simply exist in the new reality and realx into it for as long as you can. The space between thoughts may exist for only a fraction of a second in the beginning. As practice progresses the space may become wider, lasting several seconds or even minutes. With further practice there should come a time when the space of no thoughts lasts ten minutes or longer. The widening of the gap is the cultivation of a new pathway in the brain. The new pathway is cosmic consciousness going beyond the old, entrenched way of thinking.

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