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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Expand Your Consciousness

When you are awake your mind is aware of everything that is going on around and in you. If it didn't you wouldn't be able to function in this multidimensional and chaotic setting called "world".  Your mind is aware of all thoughts, bodily functions, emotions, feelings, and external stimuli but you may not necessarily be conscious of all these things. 

Your mind is all-encompassing, capable of receiving and transmitting information automatically to and from your body's energy. You lock onto the information by becoming conscious of what is happening in the mind field.  For example, you may be studying for an exam and not conscious of the fact that someone is behind you. Your mind knows the person is there but you are not conscious of it.  And then you get an eerie feeling that someone is looking at you. Your consciousness has locked onto the mind's knowing that there is a person behind you. You look around and there he is.

Your consciousness may or may not be fully in your mind field while you are awake and navigating through the complex world.  It all depends on your state of consciousness at the time. It takes practice to expand your consciousness to include more and more of the mind.  The mind is fully awake and aware, in the moment at all times but your consciousness may be narrowly fixed on one object, not aware of what the mind is aware of.

The practice of mindfulness is the key to increasing consciousness.  Being aware of your body and the environment, in the present moment, can expand your consciousness within the all encompassing mind field.

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