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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why You are You

I will attempt to answer my last post, "Why Are You You?"  These are simply my thoughts. You can agree or disagree. If you have a better answer I would like to hear it.

There are three reasons why you are you. The first is if you were not you, you would be somebody else. You would not exactly be who you think you are right now. In other words you would have different parents, friends, relatives, home, and so on.  You would have a different past and a different present - even a different future. But you would still have the same essence - the life force.

The second reason is that if you were not you or somebody else you would not exist as a human being. Your consciousness - energy - life force - the True You would be in another life form such as another animal or perhaps some kind of plant.

Thirdly, if you were not who you are or somebody else you would be in transition within the cosmos. So, you can be a living being of some kind or in transition.

You are you because of chance. A very small bit of cosmic life force came into a human embryo at a specific time and a specific place simply by chance. You grew up with a particular set of parents and a specific lifestyle that have molded your values, feelings, and personality - the person you are.

You are you, a unique person, among billions of other individuals. Everyone came into this wold exactly the same way. You have the same thing in common with everyone else - a small bit of the life force. Your particular life force is like a drop of water which blew out of the ocean. You will be you until you fall back into the ocean, in transition, and then blowen back out as something else.

So much for my musings. Have a great day.

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