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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The MInd Field

Beyond your body and beyond your everyday consciousness lies the fully awake and aware mind field. The mind field permeates the cosmos connecting all things that exist in the universe. It is called energy by some, ether by others, and string theory by quantum physicists. Whatever it is called it is real and ever lasting.

You are automatically entrenched in this miraculous web.  And you have access to all its remarkable connectedness if you want it. All you have to do is free yourself from your beliefs and judgments and simply allow yourself to open up. Be very quiet and listen intently to your thoughts. Sit very still and listen to your body. Be silent and tune into the vibrations of the cosmos. If you do these things you will become increasingly awake and profoundly aware.

Listen to what it is telling you. Relax and allow yourself to discover the meaning of everything that it has to offer.  Have patience. Various values and beliefs have been ingrained very deep over the years. Relax and let your being, to its deepest core, communicate with the mind field. Allow all resistance to fade away.

As you sink into this new found sea of tranquility you should feel your consciousness spreading out, opening to more and greater awareness. Allow yourself to ease into it gently.  You may notice your body's sensitivity increasing to your inner being and the outer cosmos. This is your consciousness becoming more and more awake and aware.

Take time out of your busy schedule every day to communicate and connect with the mind field. Take your new awareness with you throughout the day wherever you go.  A new and wonderful world is blossoming as you continue your practice.


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