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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Oh, the pangs of impatience.
Time is going so slow it seems.
Having to wait is so painful.

Have patience so they say.
But I want it now not later.
If I wait any longer I'll waste the whole day.

Wait and wait and wait, wait, wait.
Woo is me, can't they see
I must go I cannot wait.

This is really not all that fun.
I'm much too important to put up with this.
There are many things that must be done.

I've been here for oh so long.
Can't they see I'm sitting here?
It just seems to be so wrong.

Hell, don't they know who I am?
I go here and I go there.
I'm more important than she or him.

They are so very impolite
to keep me waiting here like this.
I might have to sit here through the night.

But wait!
I know.
I'll meditate.

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