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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Concentration continued

There is no one particular object on which to concentrate that is suitable for everyone. Each person must choose their own object. For me, I choose to focus my attention and awareness on God. The god I am talking about is not a personal god or an individual being. I see God as everything and everything is God. God is energy - the force that connects everything to everything. God is total consciousness in which all animate and inanimate things are absorbed. All things are God much like all the cells that make up the body of an organism. Everything within the body is synergistically connected, not only in the body but outside the body as well. Synergy means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. An action in one part produces a reaction in other parts affecting everything to some degree, nothing is independent.

The challenge is not to become identified with the limited self which as been programed by the thinking mind. I have discovered that I cannot still my mind by tring to stop it. If I fight thoughts and see them as enemies, they will stay with me forever. There is no way I can still the mind by trying. Thoughts are going to come and go no matter what. I must remember that the thoughts I am having are not my thoughts but universal thoughts. I have to let them come and go without resisting. If I dwell on them for any length of time it only feeds them and makes them stronger. I disengage the thoughts of my mind by allowing them to play themselves out. I must watch them impersonally without attachment. Eventually their incessant behavior will subside and my mind becomes calm. I know the more I relax the calmer my mind becomes.

To be continued.

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