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Friday, September 9, 2011

Some people will be offended at what I say on this blog. The ego thinks it is strong but actually it is very timid and easily hurt. When it hears something that it knows is true but doesn't make it look good, it will turn away for it cannot face the truth. The truth hurts deeply. To face the truth takes courage and the more you face the truth the smaller the ego will become.

The ego takes place at some subtle level deep within the fabric of your being where it grows. It is like a dandelion with long, tendrile roots intertwining within the values of the self to the point the ego and the self can become one. When the ego and the self are one it is almost impossible to break the bond. The bond can grow even stronger and manifest into pride and conceit.

The ego is reflected in a person's persona and can be recognized if you take the time and effort to observe yourself during the day. Meditation helps in the practice of observing thoughts that can manifest into egoistic characteristics. When sitting quietly, watching and listening to thoughts you can easily see which thoughts judge and criticize other people as well as judge and criticize yourself. These thoughts are usually very subtle and illusive. They flutter by so softly you may not notice them unless you are vigilant and aware.

When observing thoughts there is no more intentional thinking, your mind is quiet and serine without disturbance yet very alive and sensitive. There is no particular point at which the observation is made. It is simply an experience where there is no separation between you, the living being, and what is seen. You are ever vigilant, awake and aware - the one who watches. In the quiet solitude you will begin to see the insignificance of "me" slowly fade away and dissappear. In actuality there is no "thinker," no "me." It is all an illusion. You understand now you are not who you believe yourself to be. You have always lied to yourself, every second, every day and most of your life. You realize there is no need to prove yourself anymore. You are more than an illusion and there is no longer fear of loneliness, emptiness or helplessness. Your sense of being "me" has always preoccuped you with things that please or displease you, things that you "like" and "dislike." You know now that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself.

To be continued.

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