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Thursday, September 8, 2011

It is very easy to label people according to their religion, race, country, the way they dress, their size, intelligence and even their age. That's because the ego loves to compare and believe other people are inferior in some way or another. The ego needs to be in control of you in order to survive. The ego loves to be reinforced by other people agreeing with it. In that way it can feel stronger, better and superior. The values you have garnered over the years is where the ego lives. It lives within the confines of the self and all of its beliefs and prejudices. Since the ego believes it is better than most other people it believes other people should have the same values and beliefs it does.

You are wasting your time listening to your ego. If you think you can make someone else live up to your standards that genetics and the environment have programmed into you, think again. It will never happen. Remember, other people cannot help behaving as they do. If you could understand the other person fully you would not critize them, but rather see them as a true being, not condemnable. Your negative emotion would fade away very quickly and cease to exist. You would begin seeing the person in a whole new light. You would have love and compassion for the person because you know you are that person. What you see in that person is exactly what you have in yourself.

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