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Sunday, September 11, 2011


I believe in everyone's heart lays the true nature of the human; love and compassion. When that true nature is supressed by the ego, negative energy can eat away at the very core of the person, eventually swelling and devouring everything in its path until nothing is left but a poor creature of despair. However, if you have an open mind and are aware enough when the ego arises, you will be able to recognize it. Your practice of being in the moment and meditation will pay off. Simply recognizing this illusion called the ego will dissolve and allow positive energy to flow through you like a river. Love is the purest form of positive energy. Positive energy and negative energy cannot stay in the same body at the same time.

I've put together some characteristics of the ego. By being aware and noticing these characteristics when they show up will help us all elude the trap of the ego.

1. The ego doesn't allow you to see the world in awe and wonderment. It keeps you isolated and separate, biased and judgmental. When you are feeling down and depressed and everything looks grey and forlorn, the ego has you by the balls. It is time to wake up and become aware of thoughts, emotions and feelings. Look deep inside and listen to the inner voice of wisdom. You are not the thoughts and you are not the emotions; you are much, much higher. You are pure consciousness. Let the beauty of the world open to you.

2. When someone gives you constructive criticism you might start explaining to them why you did what you did. When you try to defend your actions, that is the ego talking. The ego takes everything personally. You may even come back at the person, telling them what they did wrong to make it even. The ego can be offensive as well as defensive. The ego must maintain a positive self-image. Be on the lookout for this subtle characteristic, it gets us all. When someone gives you constructive criticism, try saying "Thank you" and let it go at that. See what happens.

3. The ego is never satisfied. When the ego gets what it thinks it wants, it wants more. A person can have a big house, an expensive car, fine clothes, money and still not be satisfied. When you begin saying things like "My car, my house, my money, my this and my that; it's the ego. Remember nothing is really yours, it's only being loaned to you.

More characteristics coming.

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