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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Since humans have been able to think they have been wrestling with their minds. Why do we forget where we put things? Why do people have such a problem with anxiety and depression and why aren't we able to get along with one another, especially those who look and act differently than we do? Wise men and sages down through the ages have looked at this human problem called suffering and have dissected it over and over again and they all seem to come to the same conclusion.

From the oldest written texts, the Vedas, dating back over 4,000 years ago to the writings of present day scholars, philosophers and sages the answers seem to be very similar. Until we lose or attachment to the self and connect with the higher being that is beyond our thinking process, we will remain bogged down in suffering and turmoil between one another and within ourselves.

The ego, which is actually an illusion, is what keeps us locked in the prison of self. Wanting more and more and never being satisfied is an age old affliction that keeps humans from living a life of harmony and peace. Although we are different we are all, at the same time, similar in our desire for tranquility and equanimity, yet we are at a lose as to how to achieve this state of being.

The Yoga Sutras by Pantanjali attempts to explain how one can bring peace and harmony to oneself by following eight distinct paths. The Sutras does a fine job of doing just that but it requires a lot of discipline and self motivation to finally reach the final goal; that of samadhi.
Samadhi is a state of being where you a aware of your own existence without thinking. It is a state of deep joy and feeling of wellness that is usually achieved through various forms of meditation.

Samadhi is not the same as pure awareness, but it is about as close as one can get without actually being in pure awareness. It has been shown in scientific studies that during samadhi, brain waves change to an alpha level of frequency which is almost like being between awake and sleep. There is no "monkey mind" where the mind is jumping from the past back to the present and then to the future and back and forth. Try sitting still for five minutes and you will see what I mean my "monkey mind." In Samadhi, the mind is finally in control and is generally still and quiet - blissful. There is no "I" or realization of self being present. The ego has disappeared in this state of consciousness and yet you are fully conscous of oneness with all things and the whole body becomes flooded with the ocean of Divine bliss.

To be continued.

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