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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Answer to Last Post

Where did we lose our way?  In answering this question we can study the various stages of Homo sapiens over the many millennia. According to science, humans started out on earth some 200,000 years ago in Africa and then migrated north into Europe. From there some went west into North America and some went east into Asia.  Some of those who went to Asia migrated to North America like the west migrating group did.  So North America became inhabited from both the east and the west.  And then some of the North American people went south into South American. 

All this moving around took about 180,000 years.  As all of that migrating was taking place, humans were changing socially, intellectually, agriculturally, spiritually and physically.  Humans were adapting to all kinds of climates and in the process some got shorter and some got taller, some got lighter and some got darker, and so on.  Diversity spread rapidly and the population grew exponentially.  After 200,000 years (0.1% of the time the dinosaurs were on earth) the human population was over 7 billion.
                                                Exponential Growth Curve
Before migrating to the New World humans were one with nature. They knew nature, depended on nature and respected nature. They could communicate with the plants and animals of the forests and they knew the way of Gaia. They were in synchronization and complete homeostasis with the biosphere.

And then they split. Some went west and some went east, their populations growing and evolving.  They became so diversified they didn't recognize their kinfolk when they came face to face. Their minds became filled with discriminating thoughts and nature became a world filled with objects.  They became out of touch with nature. Nature became an enemy rather than a foe. This is where humans lost their way.

Is it possbile for us to come back home to nature or is it too late?  We'll take a look at this question in the next post.

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