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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yoga is a discipline

The discipline of yoga involves the four B's: brain, body, breath, and balance.  Integrating all four components into your practice will allow you to go beyond the self.

When you walk into the area where you do your yoga, leave your thinking mind behind. The "brain effect" is a random and intrusive thought process you don't want going on while doing yoga. For example, you don't want to be thinking about eating chicken soup while stretching in chandrasana. You want to focus your mind on the other three components - body, breath, and balance. This is why yoga is a discipline.

Your body is something you carry around with you all the time so its important to keep it limber, strong, and healthy. This is where breath and balance come in. When you put your body in an asana and feel the deep stretch it gives you, focus the breath into the stretch. See if you can feel the prana flow with the breath into the area of the body where the stretch is "screaming". As you breathe out let the resistance and the toxins flow out every cell of the muscle. Prana in, resistance out. This will increase flexibility and strength in that area.

Balance is not only the ability to stand on one leg or do a hand stand, it is also maintaining balance throughout the mind and the body by practicing moderation in all things throughout the day. Moderation in diet, drink, meditation, sleep, work, play, and exercise will increase well being in all the systems of the body.

Yoga is much more than just moving from asana to asana. It is a discipline that requires complete involvement of mind, body, breath, and balance. Keep up the good work.

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