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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's all up to you.

Every day presents a new opening to the world. What you do with the day depends entirely on you. You can dread the coming of the day or you can bask in its newness and welcome the opportunity to make it glorious.  It's all up to you, no one else.

No one else but you can make your day a good one. A negative day is only negative because you see it as a negative one. The same goes for it being a good day. If you have a flat tire on your way to work you can see it as either good or bad.  It's all up to you. You can see the flat tire as a delay in your getting to work and wasting a lot of time getting it fixed or you can see the flat tire as an opportunity to reflect on your life and all the good things that have been bestowed upon you. The flat tire might have even saved your life from a wreck down the road.  It all depends on how you look at it.

It is your choice as to whether a situation is good or bad. It's all in the mind. Take each and every situation that happens to you as an opportunity to make the choice - good or bad.  If you want it to be good, it will be good. If you want it to be bad, it will be bad.

Have a good day.

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