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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Coming Back Home

Sensing the universe simply as a place filled with objects and space does not allow consciousness to expand to its full capacity. The senses are the biggest barrier to living as one with nature and all of its splendor.  To go beyond the five senses and live in timelessness where there are no objects and no space is living in total freedom.

According to quantum physics the universe is a unified whole where everything is made of the same stuff, where information and energy flow freely.  Living life without burdens of the sensory mind is going beyond the rational mind.  Going beyond the rational mind allows you to experience the many wonders of the universe.

So, how do you go beyond the sensory mind?  It is very, very simple.  Just be quiet.  Be quiet and notice.  Notice without using your senses.  Notice your breathing.  Notice feelings.  Notice thoughts.  Notice what is around you.  Be quiet and notice how energy moves in you, around you and through you. 

You now know that coming back home from a world of discriminating thoughts and random objects is a delicious breath of fresh air.  Intellect no longer separates the self from space and objects.  Life is in harmony with the rest of the universe.  Be quiet and notice.

How long do I need to be quiet?  Good question.  See the next post.

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