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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Who is The One?

Who is the one reading these words? "Oh," you might say , "it is me.  Who else can it be?"  But then I ask; Who is the 'me' you speak of? Is the 'me' the same as the 'I' when you say, "I don't like myself?" Who is the 'I' that doesn't like the 'self'? Are you one person, two people, or more?  Or is it semantics and we are just playing around with words?

To go into the true essence of your self, close your eyes right now and take ten slow breaths and  come back to reading this blog when you are finished.


As you were resting your eyes and counting your breaths did you notice images and subtle thoughts passing through your mind?  If you did, then you cannot be those images and thoughts because you were doing the noticing.  Also, did you notice your breathing? You cannot be your breath either. Did you notice your body? You cannot be your body. You cannot be the things you notice.

If you are not the thoughts, the breath or the body - who are you? You are the one noticing. In other words, you are the witness. The father of yoga, Patanjali, probably said it best, some 5,000 years ago when he said: "Thoughts are always changing but may be witnessed by the True Self, which is never changing."

Even though you are the witness (the True Self) you can still become distracted by the senses and thoughts. "Reflect on the profound nature of your individual self, including the source of perception, without being distracted by the senses, and with freedom from misapprehensions accumulated from the past." 2.41.

So, in essense, you are not your senses and you are not your thinking mind. You are much more and purer than any of those physical and mental conditions. Be quiet and go deep within your self, and beyond the self. 

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