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Friday, August 24, 2012

In Pursuit of Happiness

If you are pursuing knowledge for the purpose of gaining wealth, stability, and security, then you are seeking knowledge in a world of objects and will suffer. If you are striving to get physically stronger through exercise in order to look better, you will suffer. If you are working very hard at two jobs to try and make ends meet, you will suffer.

Let go. Let go of pursuing, striving, and trying and relax in the deep pool of simply enjoying all that you do. Instead of desiring something that is in the future, be in the moment with all the activities that surround you. You are it and it is you. Don't work. Play.

When you try to get some where the trying is the suffering. Don't try. Enjoy the process that takes you to your goal. It is not the goal that is important, it's the journey that takes you there.

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