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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ego Out Of Control

Let's take a look at someone's mandala and see how the mandala expresses the self and how that in turn can produce a negative ego.

Sally's number one value is intimacy when it comes to relationships. She believes that intimacy is really the only way two people can stay together. According to Sally, anything else is purely artificial and could never last. Tom and Mary, on the other hand, value acceptance and take separate vacations every year. Sally can't understand how Tom and Mary can stand to be apart for two whole weeks. Sally's attachment to her values is being projected outward to other people. She expects other people to have the same values that she has. "Surely something must be wrong with their marriage," she thinks. She begins telling other people about Tom and Mary and how their marriage is on the rocks. This begins a vicious rumor that spreads within the surrounding community. Before too long everyboey is talking about how Tom and Mary can't get along and are having trouble with their marriage. This is just one little example how someone's attachment to the values can become an ego and, in turn, harm someone else.

Next, we will take a look at how an out of control ego can have even a more drastic effect on a person.

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