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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let go Ego!

Sit comfortably in a chair and take a few deep, slow breaths. Place you attention on your breathing and imagine a soft, white light coming down from above enveloping your body giving you more love and kidness than you have ever had. Feel the light and the love and just let it be absorbed into your very being while you relax and breathe.

Slowly allow the light to enlarge and encompass anybody who happens to be nearby. Let the soft, white loving-kindness light fall upon you and the other people. Think of someone you love very much and envision what they might be doing at this very moment. Allow the loving-kindness to shine down on them giving them all the love and kindness the light has to offer. Sit for a while and just enjoy watching them receive the love.

Now think of someone you really don't like. Envision what they look like, what they might be wearing and doing right now. Allow the loving-kindness to shine down on them. Be contenct and watch them receive the love and kindness. Let the light get larger and completely envelop the entire world, giving everyone and everything loving-kindness.

As long as you are in loving-kindness the ego will stay at bay. You can practice as often as you like. Don't be concerned with how long it takes because the amount of time is not important. It could be an hour it could be a minute. The important thing is to be able to visualize and feel the light and the love.

Next - how to transcend the ego.

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