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Monday, June 13, 2011

Who are you?

Knowing and understanding who you are is an important step in getting in touch with your self. That is the small self - the person you call I, me and my. Why is getting in touch with your self so important? It's not important unless you (small self) want to go beyond it and into a higher realm of being - the big Self or, as the wise ones that came before us called it, the Witness.

Finding out who you are is like opening the door to an old musty house that has been locked for many years. When the door is open, new fresh air and sunshine come streaming in bringing new life into the hold house. Many people live their whole life as an old house and never know there is something beyond it.

The first step in getting to know your self is to understand exactly what your values are in life. These values are how you (small self) go about living your life in the old house. When you can see these values and how you react to life you can then become the Witness. There are three major values which every one on earth have. They are: 1) how they Do things, 2) their Way of Being, and 3) their Relationship with others. These three values in turn have three values making a total of nine interacting values giving 27 different combinations. The next three posts go through these values. See if you can figure out who you are.

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