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Sunday, June 12, 2011

What is your Way of Being?

You inherited your way of being and there isn't anything you can do about it. Although you can't change your way of being you can learn to recognize it and understand it if you want to unravel the mystery of the total package called the 'self.'

There are three different ways of being, one of which is more like you than the other two. The three ways of being are: unique, special and importance. Let's take them one at a time and see which one is most like you.

Do you consider yourself to be one of a kind, with noobody in the world like you? Do you really value being different and you look at yourself as being in a class all by ourself? If you do then you value being unique. You like being unique because you can be as carefree as you want, be whatever you want and to heck with what anybody thinks. You may dress or wear your hair like no one else and that's okay because that is who you are. You may also drive a unique car or live in a anique house and that is okay too because these things make you fell good.

If you don't consider yourself unique then maybe you see yourself as special. As a special person, others make you feel like you matter. If it weren't for the admiration that someone or some people have for you, you might feel worthless. You may consider yourself a jewel - a person of high value and great worth because of what others say and think about you. As a special person you are indeed a diamond in the rough.

If you don't consider yourself unique or special maybe importance is more like you. People who consider themselves important usually have a positive self-image. You really don't care about being unique nor do you need other people to make you feel like you matter. All you need is to feel good about yourself. You take pride in accomplishment, awards, trophies, etc. that make you stand out or feel good about yourself. When you do something you do it for the satisfaction of pleasing yourself and not necessarily to please someone else. The fact that you can run faster or jump higher than someone else is all you need to feel good. You don't need to have others tell you that you are special or unique.

So, what is your way of being? There is no good or bad about a way of being. It is simply the way you are.

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