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Monday, June 13, 2011

What is your value for Doing?

How are you designed for getting things done? In other words how do you like to do things? There are three personal values which depict a person's approach to where they direct their energies for getting things done and for managing their life. These three values come from how you were raised and want kind of genes you inherited. The three values are control, compentence and achievement. See if you can figure out which one you are.

If you value control it doesn't necessarily mean that you are a controlling person, it means that you like staying on top of things. You like to keep things neat and orderly, make lists and generally just want to know where everything is. You like symmetry and clarity. Doing things thoroughly and mastering them is important to you - even if it takes longer. Quality is emphasized over quantity. It is not how much you do but how well you do it. You may or may not like doing many things at the same time but when you do you do them methodically and well.

If you don't value control maybe you like being able to do many things well, but not necessarily perfectly. If so, then you value being competent. For example, you may learn how to play the guitar but once you can play it well enough to your satisfaction you feel there is no need to go further. Striving to be the best is not for you, and neither is conquering something and then making a big deal out of it. Competence means being confident about what you can do. If the plumbing breaks down you can repair it. If there is an electrical problem you can deal with it, and so on. Competent people like to feel as though they are people of many talents but masters of none.

If control and competence don't seem to be who you are then you are probably an achiever. You set a goal and work at achieving that goal step by step. You like building success one small goal at a time. You may have plaques on your wall that display your conquests toward those goals. You like to take things to the next level. There is no end point for you. Achievement follows achievement.
Achievers usually become specialists in whatever they do. They have a goal and take the necessary steps to get there. Achievers may become doctors, lawyers, hairdressers, computer programmers, airline pilots. specialized mechanics and so on.

Where do you see yourself when it comes to doing? Are you into control, competence or achieving?

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