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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Recognizing Awareaness

Why is it important to be aware? You will find that not only will awareness allow you to go beyond your ego-based mind and fill your life with a clearer "view" of reality, but it will also keep you out of harm's way. Awareness can also bring more peace and enjoyment into your life. This is because you can begin to really choose your experiences and choose feeling good over feeling bad. Not only that, but awareness is also one of the stepping stones to pure awareness.

To recognize when you are aware and stay there sounds easier than it really is. Once you attempt to become aware a problem arises. That problem is being able to know when you are aware. Without knowing what awareness is, you cannot begin to recognize it. And if you can't recognize it, you can't maintain it.

As humans we experience life in five different states of consciousness. People's minds are in one of five places at any given time. They can be driving a car, walking, listening, meditating, reading a book - practically anything and their minds will be in one of five places. Even when they are asleep they will be experiencing one of these five places whih are: waking sleep, absorption, attention, awareness and pure awareness.

If you can recognize these five experiences, you will be able to recognize the moment you become aware. And when you are able to recognize awareness you can practice staying there. That ability to recognize awareness and maintain it is necessary for pure awareness. It's that simple. By closely examining these different experiences, you can see how they are indeed individual experiences. Once you are capable of recognizing them, awareness becomes clear and identifiable.

Next, we will explore the five experiences of consciousness. Check back tomorrow.

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