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Thursday, June 9, 2011

jlcfarina said. . .

"What am I supposed to be aware of? The material-immaterial? I understand that human sight does not see all wavelengths of light. So, we are not aware of that realm. Or does being aware of its existence constitute awareness? How many more are there? Am I me? What is real?"

Neil says. . .
These are good questions and they have been asked many times over thousands of years.

In the Yoga Sutras Patanjali talks about finding the answer through intensity and quality of love. He says relax and look inside with passion and compassion and focus on one thought - "Who am I?" Use passion to hold onto the experience. Don't choose bliss or suffering but choose compassion toward all others.

The Yoga Sutras is 5,000 years old.

Today, this philosophy still holds true. These questions can be answered by looking inside of your self - not yourself. The self is who you think you are - your name, past experiences, future thoughts, desires, fears and on and on. Sit quietly and meditate on "Who am I?" Become the witness of your self. Learn to self observe.

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John Hooper said...

You cannot deny your own awareness. If you have no awareness, you cannot respond to what I am writing. The imaginary ego, conceptual thought, beliefs, individuality -- all of these things can be denied. Awareness is not a construct of the mind. Drop everything else, every thought, belief, preference, and all of your knowledge. Awareness is not effected in the least.