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Saturday, June 11, 2011

How do you value relationships?

The many differences between people and their relationships is one of the strongest bonds existing in the cosmic energy field. The power of association with other people as well as other beings is a living bond mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Some relationships are stronger than others but all relationships, no matter what their strengths, create awarenes toward others as well as yourself.

When people come together singly or in groups there is always some kind of energy flow. This is the power of association. Some people may harmonize like two magnets coming together, others may be repulsed while some may have no reaction at all.

One type of relationship is having the affinity for belonging - belonging to a club, church, gathering and so on. The thought of going to a family reunion, for instance, would bring a smile to your face. You might like to talk to others about their travels, work, family and hobbies and you like telling them about yourself as well. Being part of something means a great deal to you. When you are walking along with your significant other you are usually holding hands for instance. A feeling of close connection exists between you and that person.

A second type of relationship is the value of being allowd to do your own thing and being allowed to be yourself. In this type of relationship you value independence but still like being with your mate or someone special. This type of relationship is called acceptance - you don't like to be smothered with attention or affection all the time. You value your space, as it were. When walking side by side with your loved one, you are usually not holding hands. In fact one of you may be walking ahead of the other. Sometimes you might even like being left alone to do what you like by yourself but other times you like to be with that someone special and share times together.

A third kind of relationship is intamacy. This is a relationship where you love to share deep feelings with your significant other whether it's your spouse, lover, friend, relative or whomever. You like to tell that special person what is bothering you, how your day went, what you want to do with your life and all kinds of intimate details that you might not want to share with anyone else. You also like to hear the same things from them. You like knowing that you can share your feelings without any kind of repercussion from them because what you talk about never leaves the two of you. When walking side by side you usually have your arms around each other. There is no feeling of separation when you are in the moment of "we." There is a tight connection between you and your significant other.

So, which type of relationship do you value the most; belonging, acceptance or intamacy? Knowing this is one of the first steps in getting to know your self. It is important to understand that there is no good or bad in any of these relationships. They are what they are. If we judge ourselves as well as others according to our preconceived ideas and values, it is the ego talking.

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